Beatrice Schilling

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“Thanks to the FODMAP food concept, many people have been able to alleviate their digestive problems significantly and to regain a better quality of life. The latest findings, which are applied individually, are often the key to success! This is why I would like to give you information here on current FODMAP-FACTS.”


Beatrice Schilling

BSc Nutrition and Dietetics, Nutrition Consultant SVDE


What to expect here

As a nutritional consultant and expert in FODMAPs, I would like to share the current state of knowledge on FODMAPs with you here. In this way, you can take advantage of the most recent findings, which are constantly being updated. People suffering from digestive disorders can benefit from this information immediately and reduce their symptoms.

In my nutrition consultation office in Baden/Switzerland, my team and I meet every day with people who are reducing their digestive symptoms through changes in their diet and thus are regaining a better quality of life. Upon request, online consultations are possible.

In presentations and seminars, I teach other nutrition experts in the technically correct and methodologically reasonable implementation of the FODMAP concept. More than 200 specialists and teams are now using the FODMAP consultation concept that I developed.

My current “FODMAP Fact Nutrition Table” and the leaflet “Low FODMAP diet - instructions for phase 1” (in the German language) are a straightforward introduction to the FODMAP concept.

In the newsroom, I will share the latest findings on FODMAPs and digestive disorders, because current and precise facts are extremely important in such complex and dynamic areas as nutrition, diet and digestion.